What a surprisingly tolerable Oscar's ceremony.

Also, I'm shocked that Jennifer Lawrence won, but that's pretty awesome.

As for MacFarlane, some of the opening jokes were real groaners ("We Saw Your Boobs" comes to mind), but some were really, really funny (The Von Trapp Family introduction had to be the highlight of the evening).

The Oscars continue to bum me out every year, simply because they highlight everything wrong with the film industry in my mind (Brave? Seriously? I saw all but one of the nominees, and, while not a bad film on it's own, I thought Frankenweenie, Paranorman, and especially Wreck-It Ralph were all leagues ahead of it. Also, apparently nominating nothing was a better option than nominating The Avengers, Wreck-It Ralph, Cabin in the Woods, etc.), what with it essentially being a huge popularity contest, and never judged from a more objective view of "which films were better at X" (I know how the judging works, it's still screwed up).

I'm glad Argo won though, it's a very good film.