I watched the Dark Shadows movie today. I found it to be exactly as bad as all the reviews said, but perhaps for different reasons. I didn't find it to be offensively bad (until the last fifteen minutes which are borderline unwatchable in their bizarre "HOW DOES FILMMAKING"), just really, really boring. I watched it…


I had a civil, intelligent discussion with a burner account today, on a subject we disagreed on (I liked Season 7 of Supernatural and hated 6, they liked 6, and hated 7). It was a very pleasant surprise. I feel just a little less cynical right now than I did this morning.

I'm reading Carrie for the first time (never seen the movie, either) because I wanted to start reading Stephen King's work with his first book, and it's really good... But now I don't think Chronicle is as brilliant as I did when I saw it last year. *Sigh*