Greenmangaming has that new Alien game for 20 bucks today.

For those who, like me, hadn't picked it up yet. It's listed at $25, but there's a code for an additional 20% off your purchase (I picked up Valkyria Chronicles for $8 as well, regularly $20. I don't even know what kind of a game Valkyria Chronicles is, but I hear people like it). The game is redeemable on Steam. » 2/27/15 8:25pm Friday 8:25pm

Doctor Who. Specifically Davies/Tennant-era Doctor Who. It's fun, it's optimistic, it's creative, it can be scary or sad, but it still feels upbeat most of the time. I really love Tennant's run as the Doctor. I even like the episodes of it that no one else does, like Love and Monsters. » 2/27/15 8:16pm Friday 8:16pm

This is the first year in recent memory where I haven't seen a single one of the best picture nominees. I think we might wind up renting The Theory of Everything tonight for my mother's birthday, but otherwise, I haven't seen any of them. I want to see Birdman and Boyhood, but never got around to it. » 2/21/15 3:51pm 2/21/15 3:51pm

Madoka Magica is far and away my favorite Anime. I'm hardly an expert, but I've seen enough, and Madoka absolutely blew me away. It's 12 episodes, but it's an experience that's stuck with me like few other shows ever have. It's probably the only proper anime (A:TLA and Korra notwithstanding) that would break my top… » 2/14/15 2:41am 2/14/15 2:41am